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BMW MSF RiderCoach Purchase Program!
*Eligible Models:

  BMW MSF RiderCoach Purchase Program!
  BMW Motorrad USA is pleased to announce a special Motorcycle Purchase Program for all active Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Certified RiderCoaches currently registered with the MSF. This program will provide the following allowances based on the purchase of a new BMW Motorcycle in 2014 by a documented MSF RiderCoach or other documented riding school instructor. Only new, unregistered BMW Motorcycles qualify.

BMW Model Series Allowance
K-Series, $500
R-Series, $400
S-Series, $400
G-Series, $250
F-Series, $250
C-Series, $250

(HP4 model is not eligible for Special Sales Program incentives)

Purchasers are eligible for one (1) MSF RiderCoach Purchase incentive during the calendar year (January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014). Dealers must deduct the value of the applicable incentive above at the point of sale with a specific line-item reference on the bill-of-sale for this deduction including description and dollar amount, regardless of the selling price of the motorcycle. BMW Motorrad USA will no longer process incentives directly with the purchaser after the sale.

Motorcycles purchased and reported under a name other than the eligible MSF RiderCoach program applicant do not qualify. Sales documentation and claimant ID must match.

Documentation for Riding School Instructors other than MSF RiderCoaches must include a letter from the riding school on riding school letterhead and a copy of the riding school schedule for that year which must reflect substantive activity. It is recommended to obtain pre-approval from BMW for these instructors by sending the documentation to Marcey.Obrien@bmwnaext.com.

This incentive may be combined with any other monthly retail customer incentive* available at the time of purchase for a qualified model (unless specifically excluded in the incentive program rules), which is defined as any new, previously unregistered BMW motorcycle sold between the dates of January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014. BMW Motorrad fleet, HP4 models, auction or official P2 dealer demonstrator units do not qualify!

*May not be combined with BMW MOA / BMWRA / VBMWMO Club Offers, Military, Emergency Services, Ride Smart Reward, Center Employee or BMW Group Employee / Valued Vendor Purchase Programs.

Dealers are responsible for complying with all applicable sales tax regulations regarding customer incentives for their state.

Motorcycles must be purchased through an authorized BMW Motorrad USA dealer. Purchases through a 3rd party or BMW dealers outside the USA are not eligible.

BMW Motorrad USA reserves the right to make changes to the Program and/or terminate the Program at any time without prior notice.

Applications not submitted within 30 days of the date of delivery are not eligible for this incentive.

* Promotion is subject to change without notice.
* Prior model years may be included in the promotion. See dealer for details.
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