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BMW Police Motorcycle R1200RT-P

BMW Police Motors: Your Best Long-Term Value!

Download the PDF of this article (with more information) here: BMW Police Motors Your Best Long-Term value!

BMW Police Motors have been utilized by more than 430 agencies in the US, including the three largest US fleets operated by the California Highway Patrol, Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Orange County Sheriff's Department and many city agencies. BMW has always focused on providing the best police motor with the features that agencies want and use. BMW police motors are supplied with a much higher level of standard equipment than our competitors, which is why you need to look carefully at what features you specify in your RFQ’s when comparing price and value. No police motor sold has a higher level of standard equipment than the BMW … you have told us what you use and need … and BMW supplies it! This means significantly lower up-fitting costs as well as greater reliability for your agency.

Added Value from BMW R 1200 RT-P Motors:

-Standard: Locking integrated Radio Box with wiring ports and ground plate. -Standard: Police-specific saddlebags with optional work bag liner. -Standard: Thermostatically-controlled oil cooler radiator with computer-controlled fan. -Standard: Special low first gear (parades / training) and 1:2.75 rear drive ratio for optimal patrol gearing. -Standard: Corrosion-resistant stainless steel front and rear protection bar system. -Standard: Linked 19 Ah maintenance-free auxiliary battery with 8 separately fused police circuits. -Standard: Highest electrical output with 720W alternator producing 27A at idle. -Standard: Four-way emergency flashers as well as two-way rear flashers, blue license plate ID lights. -Standard: Center stand allowing easier maintenance, tire checks / changes, etc. -Standard: Wind tunnel optimized full fairing providing superior air management / comfort (no engine heat). -Standard: All lights “off” switch with dimmable dashboard information display. -Standard: Integrated fairing-mounted speakers for radio & radar, pre-wired below radio box. -Standard: Clean radio power circuit with disconnect below radio box. -Standard: Accurate digital police speedometer with pace-lock display / VSS signal for moving radar. -Standard: Three-tone siren system (wail/yelp/hyper-yelp), air horn, public address and radio rebroadcast. -Standard: Cutting-edge BMW/Code 3 LED emergency lighting system controller & housings. -Standard: Electrically-adjustable windshield, adjustable seat height, adjustable brake and clutch levers. -Standard: Full radio interference suppression system. -Standard: Optimized suspension and tires (pass CHP run-flat protocol) specifically for police service. -Standard: Partial-integral ABS braking system with independent rear wheel brake control. -Standard: The largest fuel tank (7.1 gal) with dramatically better fuel economy and range =300 miles. -Standard: The longest service intervals (6,000 miles) for oil change / maintenance. -Standard: The longest warranty (39 months / 60,000 miles). -Standard: The most comprehensive warranty covering all BMW supplied equipment, not just the motorcycle.

Optional Value from BMW R 1200 RT-P Motors:

BMW provides the most comprehensive assortment of options specifically designed for BMW motors, from simple map lights to electric locking assault rifle mounts. All options are warranted by BMW to fit and function properly! A detailed listing of available options is in this information sheet.

Many recent entrants to the police motor arena have made claims of being much less expensive, but when the bidding is over and PO is issued, lo and behold those motors are usually similar in price or more expensive than the BMW with far less standard equipment!

How Important is Fuel Economy?

The fuel economy (or lack thereof) is an increasingly important aspect of the operational cost of police motorcycles. What is illuminating is the significant additional cost of operation with specific motors. Often, motor purchases are decided with minimal differences in price without consideration to the effect of operational cost. See at right one more reason why BMW Police Motors are the best long-term value for your agency.

(there may be a new Sheriff in town … and he sure is thirsty!) * MPG for Kawasaki from February 2010 Rider® Magazine civil version road test. MPG will likely be at the low end for police conversion due to added weight, wind resistance and police riding style. Rider® Magazine test results for civilian version were 27.3 low/35 average/46.7 high. **All other MPG data results from the LASD 2010 Vehicle Test Report, where fuel consumption was monitored on fully equipped police motorcycles, ridden on specific routes to simulate typical police riding style and real world situations, including violator stops, etc. Your actual mileage may vary from the results above. NA = information not available.

Contact Information: BMW Motorrad USA Frank Stevens, Authority Program Manager Frank Stevens (201-264-0084 Cell)

Chuck Downing, Authority Representative – West (Retired CHP motor sergeant) Chuck Downing (916-205-7376 Cell)

Why Doesn’t BMW Lease for Shorter-Terms?

BMW builds their police motors with the intention of them being used as police motors for their entire life … a term much longer than 12-24 months. A very high level of special standard equipment and features are built into every BMW police motor, which makes them most valuable to police agencies. BMW motors come fully equipped with lights, siren, high performance electrical system, cooling system, radio preparation, as well as other special equipment requested. This saves the agency time and money otherwise required to separately purchase and install equipment, remove / trade that equipment with each change of motors, and hope that the separately sourced equipment is compatible. BMW provides agencies with a turnkey program with a fully equipped unit delivered ready-to-go. With a warranty and service intervals that are longer than our competitors, BMW motors can actually cost less to lease & operate when purchased with a long-term view, yet provide the agency with a much higher level of reliability, safety and comfort.

BMW’s largest US customer (the California Highway Patrol) rides their motors to 100,000 miles! Most motor fleets average between 7,000 to 12,000 miles per year, so there is little reason to plan changing motors every two years. Longer-term use enables fuller utilization of the asset, you only pay to up-fit once, including striping / lettering, radio / communications, radar / computers / etc. Additional benefits include the option of owning the motor at the end of the lease (most BMW leases are 60-months with $1.00 buy-out), so your motor program can survive with less funding during these tough economic times.

When developing bid specification, agencies should account for the various hidden costs that may otherwise cause bids to understate the true cost of placing motors into service. You can download a modifiable MSWord bid specification at

Some of the many hidden costs associated with short-term leases from other manufacturers are: (not counting the cost-difference for fuel each month or differences in equipment level)

What’s Up With BMW’s Clutch?

BMW utilizes a different clutch system than some of our competitors. BMW’s clutch is a hydraulic (self-adjusting) single-plate dry clutch as used in cars and trucks … well proven for long life. Our competitors utilize a multi-plate wet clutch, which runs in an oil bath.

The primary difference between the two designs is that the dry clutch operates at the end of the engine crankshaft before the primary gear reduction. The wet clutch design operates after the primary gear reduction. Meaning, that for a given RPM on a dry clutch design, the same RPM on a wet clutch design will be turning that wet clutch surface approximately half as fast (feet-per-second at the plate surface). Conversely, if you have been trained to ride a wet clutch motor, you will need to greatly reduce the RPM on the dry clutch motor to keep from over-heating it. How long would any wet clutch last if you grey-area slipped that clutch at 5,000 rpm?

Furthermore, the unique BMW opposed-twin engine design enables the motor to pull itself at idle with no throttle in either first or second gear. Consequently, the motor works best at slow rpm grey area operation below 2,000 rpm. Most fleets that have received indoctrination training have experienced no clutch issues and are seeing clutch life as high as 60,000 miles! Lastly, the BMW warranty covers the clutch for wear in the first 12 months while your officers acclimate to the motor!

BMW provides an 8-hour indoctrination training class for all purchasers of BMW police motors free-of-charge.

Experience has shown that when motor officers fully understand how to utilize every feature of the motor, their agency will receive the full benefit of their investment. Additionally, if your agency has experienced significant turn-over of your motor staff and would like refresher training, contact us and we will schedule another 8-hour training session for your officers or training staff.

BMW provides 40-hour service maintenance training classes at our Ontario, CA BMW Training Center free-of-charge to the agency.

This class is specifically tailored to agency technicians who wish to fully maintain the motor as well as perform supplementary work such tire changes, clutch replacement, etc. BMW also offers 40-hour training on the BMW MOSS diagnostic tester system for agencies with larger fleets that can justify the acquisition of a diagnostic tester. The training enrollment form is attached or can be found under the training tab on the BMW Police Motors Website at

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